Faith in Nature Palm Oil Policy

Do you use Palm Oil in your products?


Palm oil is not an ingredient we use directly in any of our products. One of the ingredients we use to make our shampoos and body wash products is ammonium laureth sulfate (ALES) – this is the ingredient that makes our products “lather”. The ALES that we use is derived from palm oil, sourced from suppliers who are signed up to the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil and, as such, we are supporting the production of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

At Faith in Nature, we have always had a policy of not using petroleum or animal fat based ingredients and for the past 40 years have sourced our ingredients from vegetable base. For many years this was always from Coconut oil. Recently Palm oil has been the choice of growers as the yield is higher than Coconut.

The main use of Palm oil is in the production of biodiesel and food products. To a minor extent it is used in the production of cosmetic ingredients.

However, as is well publicised, forests are being logged, and animals endangered by outlaws who are logging indiscriminately in order to increase the palm oil plantations.

We at Faith in Nature never include palm oil into our products, but some of our ingredients are manufactured using palm oil as the base.

Where practical alternatives exist, we are switching to non palm oil or we use certified sustainable palm oil, and have recently made this switch covering over 100,000kg of ingredients per annum.

 Also all our soaps are manufactured with sustainable certified palm oil from properly managed and sustainable sources, which cause no concern to animal life.

Other ingredients we use which do contain a percentage of palm oil  are all sourced from suppliers who are signed up to the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil, and are all actively looking to source from responsibly harvested palm oil.

This is the aim of Faith in Nature, to either phase out palm based ingredients, or be able to buy such ingredients from fully sustainable sources. We have made significant progress in recent years and are now in an almost fully sustainable position.

I can confirm that the palm oil used to make the ingredients that we then make our soaps with, originates from RSPO certified palm oil. I can also confirm that we regularly audit our suppliers to ensure that they are compliant with responsible and sustainable sourcing guidelines.